A Sour Beer Night With OEC – June 30th

Enjoy six OEC brews and five Zymatore concoctions on tap with Assistant Brewmaster Tony Pellino!

OEC Brewing Sour & Wild Beers

Ordinem Ecentrici Coctores = Order of the Eccentric Boilers

If you check out the OEC website, you realize that that these guys embrace being on the weirder end of the craft beer world. On June 30, Norey’s will welcome OEC’s Tony Pellino  as he takes over 11 of our taps with some of the world’s rarest and most unique beers.

Who is Tony Pellino?

According to OEC he’s…

Assistant-brewer/blender/assistant recipe creator/name creator/keeper of all things social media related/OEC tour operator/Malt smoker/OEC jerky maker (check social media to see when the next available batch will be). Editor of Nepenthiology – OEC/B. United weekly blog where you can find lots of interesting articles about the stuff that we do. Tony is also the keeper of all bottles at big bottle releases such as Experimentalis Day, Oudilis Day, and our Anniversaries. Wonder who that guy is who controls the bottle sales on those days – that is Tony. Always the first one you see on those days.

What beers will be on draft?

Nepenthes Hydromelita Blend #2

9.0% abv – The Hydromelita project is our attempt to recreate the braggots of old. Historically braggots were blended by publicans right before consumption. Most commonly they were a blend of finished ale & mead that was quite often spiced. Nepenthes Hydromelita is our blended braggot from Nepenthes (our sour saison with sage & lavender) matured in wine barrels & Dansk Mjød meads brewed with ginger and hibiscus.

Artista Zynergia: Artamas Blend #2

6.5% abv – Artamas is a blended saison produced in cooperation with BFM (Switzerland).It is a throwback saison blended from an ale brewed using our own smoked malt (Smoked over the staves of exhausted wine barrels) & a sour barrel aged saison. It’s funky & sour with a hint of oak smoke.

Blend #2 comprise of 20% Smoked SQRT brewed with smoked malts (he smoked the malt himself) and matured for 1 year at BFM, and 30% SQRT matured for 3 additional months in OEC barrels, and 50% barrel aged OEC Amara matured in Matthiasson vineyards red wine barrels.

II Citra

5.5% abv – II“2” is a blend of young pale ale, pale ale aged in wine barrels for at least 6 months and spontaneously fermented sour ale fermented in barrels for 12 months. This version of is blended using a young pale ale that is only brewed using Citra hops.

Tempus Blend #7

5.9% abv – Tempus (Blend #7). Tempus is an old world sour saison brewed & blended using the production processes of yesteryear. No two blends will taste exactly the same. Blend #7 is a blend of 15% young Tempus lagered for at least 3 months in wine barrels blended with 15% 1 year old lambic style ale & 70% 6 month to 1.5 year old saison aged in red, white & Marsala wine barrels.

Oudilis Blend #3

5.2% abv – Oudilis is our interpretation of a “Belgian style Gueuze” with a slight tweak. This blend was done using 2 year old lambic ale and a “Berliner Weisse” style ale that was aged & soured in French Chardonnay barrels from France for 8 months.

Phantasma Sour (Blend #3)

9.0% abv – Phantasma is our interpretation of an old style German Porter (A style that went exctinct long ago), brewed with wheat, oats, molasses and licorice root. Blended, 60% oak age ale, 40% young ale. Phantasma “Sour” Blend #3 was aged in a variety of barrels ranging from Zinfandel (Napa, CA), South African Red Wine & Belgian Owl Whiskey barrels for 1 year. It pours a viscous jet black in color and has notes reminiscent of red wines, dark fruits & hints of dark chocolate. It finishes dry with notes of oak & tannins.

Zymatore Oak Smoke

8.4% abv – Zymatore is B.United/OEC barrel aging project using our imported product in this case we used Schlenkerla Oak Smoke, a traditional rauchbier (smoked beer) smoked over oak from Bamberg, Germany. It was then aged in Belgian Oak Whiskey barrels for 18 months.

Zymatore Baciami Lipsia

5.5% abv – Zymatore is B.United/OEC barrel aging project using our imported beer. The base beer is Baciami Lipsia (Kiss My Lips) is a sour gose style ale from Del Ducato, Italy. The base beer is a sour ale that is a blended of several barrels that are 9 months old (these barrels were inoculated with lactobacillus) with a new beer that is brewed with Himalaya pink salt. We then aged the beer in OEC’s NEWEST fermentation vessel – Bavarian Blue Grey Granite (located in our new fermentation room) for 5 months. Every Zymatore is unique and will never be replicated.

Zymatore Maledetta

6.8% abv – Zymatore is B.United/OEC barrel aging project using our imported beer. The base beer is Maledetta IPA/Saison produced by Del Borgo, Italy. No two blends with be the same! This blend was aged in Thelema Mountain Petit Verdot barrels for 33 months. Every Zymatore is unique and will never be replicated.

Zymatore Super

10% abv – Zymatore is B.United/OEC barrel aging project using our imported beer. Super Baladin originated from an old recipe created toward the end of the 9th century following the style of the Belgian abbey beers from Birra del Borgo, Italy.We then matured the beer aged for 29 months (2+ years) in Zinfandel and Tequila barrles. Every Zymatore is unique and will never be replicated

Zymatore Isaac

5.5% abv – Zymatore is B.United/OEC barrel aging project using our imported beer. Isaac is a Belgium Wit from Birrificio Baladin, Italy. We then aged the beer in Leondarht Vineyard Zinfandel Barrels from Calfornia for 30 months (2.5 years). Every Zymatore is unique and will never be replicated.

June 30 – 4pm

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See you here!

It’s going to be a good time…

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