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Noreys Best Craft Beer Bar Rhode Island 2018

The readers of CraftBeer.com were surveyed for the best craft beer bars in the country. Norey’s was voted as Rhode Island’s Best Craft Beer Destination .

Close to 8,000 readers of CraftBeer.com responded their annual survey of the craft beer bars in America. When the dust settled Norey’s was voted Rhode Island‘s best craft beer bar! We are truly humbled by the love of our customers and the Rhode Island beer-drinking public as a whole. We will endeavor to continue bringing you the world-class beers that you love so much! Here’s what CraftBeer.com had to say…

It’s tough for Norey’s chef and owner, Tyler Cullen, to say what makes the 18-year-old beer bar stand out. “Just about a little of everything is unique: beer selection, our staff, the food is cooked right in front of you in open kitchen. I do my best to keep the menu fresh and am constantly bringing new items to patrons while always conscious of their favorite dishes to be sure many of them are consistently available.”

Whatever it is, Norey’s has garnered quite a following and is a destination to seek out when you’re visiting and/or Living in Rhode Island.

Rhode Island’s Best Craft Beer Bar

We’ll have to spend the rest of 2018 ensuring that we can impress everyone. This way anyone who comes through our doors will vote for us as best craft beer bar next year too! Come be part of that process.

Let’s start tonight! No time like the present. Cheers.