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Friday, September 16, the following ciders will be available on tap at Norey’s.

Fall is in the air and here at Norey’s, that means it’s cider season! What better way to kick it off than with a cider tap takeover?

Starting at 4pm, there will be six ciders on tap from around the country and from around the world!

Here’s a sampling. (There’s a few details that aren’t readily available online, so we’re going to do some digging and update later).

de Christian Drouin (France)

L’Hiver (2015)

Poire “Pear Cidre”


4% ABV

Citizen Cider (Vermont)



6.9% ABV

From the blossom, to the bee, to the pollinated tree, B-Cider is a delicate blend of cider with honey that gives you an opportunity to drink the full circle of life on the orchard. The apple trees need the bees for pollination, the bees need the apple trees for sustenance, and we need both to make this floral and aromatic cider.


Stormalong (Massachusetts)

Rum-Barrel-Aged Grand Banks


9.1% ABV

For the second offering in our Grand Banks series, we age a blend of ciders in recently emptied Bully Boy Distillers rum barrels for 10 months. The result is a rich combination of apple acidity, dark fruit, barrel, caramel, vanilla, with a pretty big kick of booziness in the rum forward finish.

Limited Release!

Domaine Dupont (France)

Cidre Bouche Fermier

5% ABV



Sidra Natural


Typical Asturian cider. Starting from autochthonous apples picked in selected apple orchards for their best agronomic conditions. We elaborate this natural cider using the traditional ways and methods.

    • Color: Ambar-like yellow.
    • Smell: Of mature apple, fresh and clean.
    • Flavor: Balanced, with body and tasty. Good composition of tannins that leave a nice sensation of dryness in mouth. Dry and refreshing. Behavior in pouring: Correct holding and perfect breaking. The presence of sediments in the bottom of the bottle may be normal for being elaborated without any kind of filtration process. It is recommended the turning upside down of the bottle and shake to break the possible sediments.
    • Temperature of serving: 14º C
    • Alcohol: 6,5%.