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On Friday, July 15th, Norey’s is tapping six beers from Japan’s craft beer brewery, Hitachino Nest.

The 33rd Annual Black Ships Festival is taking place in Newport from July 14-17. Norey’s is celebrating with a tap takeover of Japanese craft beers from Hitachino Nest Beer.

Hitachino Nest was founded in 1823 as a sake brewery. Fast forward to 1994 and Japan reduced regulations regarding brewing beer, creating an opportunity which Hitachino seized upon. In 1996, they started producing Hitachino Nest Beer.

Today they produce thirteen regular beers which are available around the world.

The Newport Black Ships Festival is celebrating its 33rd year.

The Black Ships Festival commemorates the historic achievements of Commodore Matthew C. Perry, USN, of Newport, Rhode Island. The “Black Ships,” or “Kurofune,” refers to the Japanese term for foreign ships which, with one exception, were excluded from Japan for two hundred years until 1854. Commodore Perry negotiated the Treaty of Kanagawa in 1854, the first treaty between the United States and Japan, thus ending two centuries of Japanese isolationism. The Black Ships Festival celebrates the signing of the treaty, which brought the two countries together as trading partners.

The tap takeover will feature six craft beers from Hitachino Nest (which are still being finalized).

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